About us

About us

The Mission of Mercy Foundation is a not for profit organisation founded in 1999 by Father Christopher Hartley.

Its goal is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people through programmes and projects developed in accordance with the principles of the Catholic Church. The teaching of the Word of God and the comfort it brings to those most in need lies at the heart of everything the Foundation does.

The Foundation works in the poorest countries of the world promoting health and education in local parishes. It enables the construction of dispensaries and health centers as well as care and educational facilities for children.

The Foundation encourages volunteering and has developed programmes that assist in the development of its activities and projects where they are most needed.

The Foundation carries out its activities in developing countries and, among other activities, promotes the building of dispensaries, health centers, nutritional centers, occupational centers, learning centers, schools and nurseries. Likewise, it promotes health, educational and social programmes, as well as providing support for Parishes. The Foundation also encourages and carries out volunteer programmes with people from all walks of society with the aim of carrying out its activities and projects.