Tamara Project

 TAMARA PROJECT A PROJECT FOR VULNERABLE WOMEN AND THEIR CHILDREN GODE, ETHIOPIA Below is an outline for a project for vulnerable women and their children as met in the streets and brothels of Gode. Geographical context Gode is locatedin the Ethiopian Somali Region, in the South East of Ethiopia, in the border with Somalia. The.. read more →

When Even the Camels Die of Thirst (20)

Letter from the Desert (20) Lent, 2017 Dear Friends of the Mission, For the last year and a half, not a drop of rain has fallen in Gode and the Somali region of Ethiopia. Here everything is dying. It is dramatic to see people arrive at the rickety hospital of Gode, by any means of.. read more →

A center for the Catholic Church in Gode (Ethiopia)

In 2009, Father Christopher and the Bishop of Harar, Mons.  Woldetensae Gebreghioirghis, OFM, Cap, got a six hectare plot two kilometers from Gode. The goal was to build a center for the Catholic Church that would have a church residence, a chapel, a nutritional and educational center as well as different rooms to be used.. read more →

A school for 480 students in Ma’aruf (Kelafo)

Mission of Mercy Foundation At the end of 2009 Father Christopher was driving his 4×4 through the desert when he lost his way.  In the middle of nowhere he managed to find a generous community of Somali people that welcomed him. The place, lost and remote in the desert, belonged to the small town of.. read more →